Statusuri Moldovenesti şi statusuri EMO

Posted on: March 5, 2009

Statusuri moldovenesti:

Cari dai ai o beri? (online)

Biau (busy)

Biau di rup la mat (stepped out)

Suntim la biem (be right back)

Sunt sub masa/ dupi casa (not at my desk)

Cari dai beeep cu secret ai? (on the phone)

Citesc eticheti/ Ma doari capu’ (invisible to everyone)

Coma alcoolica (offline)

Statusuri  EMO:

True (online)

Mananc si plang (busy)

On the roof (stepped out)

Cumpar lame (be right back)

Probez noile insigne (not at my desk)

Nu am chef sa vb cu nimeni (on the phone)

Wishful thinking (invisible to everyone)

Cadeeeee ! Emo down. (offline)


2 Responses to "Statusuri Moldovenesti şi statusuri EMO"

Hm..asa si asa statusurile 😀

dah. astea da statusuri

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